I helped with as much research as possible to make the costume as accurate as possible. It took about three months to finally put it all together.

Here’s the build.
Jawa 1

Jawa 2

Jawa 3

Jawa 4


I built the mask. I used a paintball mask and wired in two high intencity 4500mcd LEDs wired to a switched 9v battery box. I incased them into two gumball cases and sealed them in tight. I then wired in a fan in the “mouth” area. A Venom 7.2v 1200mAh 6-Cell NiMH Battery (p/n: VEN-1511) with a long enough wire to hide the battery inside the cloak. The battery powers a Delta AFB0505HB 50x50x15mm 14.13CFM fan which pulls air in from the front of the mouth.

Jawa 5

Jawa 6

Jawa 7

Jawa 8

Jawa 9


The first test fit.

Jawa 10


The first troop. What’s great about this mask, is in a high lit room the eyes glow VERY bright. This is perfect for events like Star Wars Weekends being the crowd will be able to see her glowing eyes very well.

Jawa 11


Jawa 12