My new adventure, and on to my tenth Clone. I decided to build a Clone Commander that wasn’t “flooded” in The 501st. So I went with Commander Vill (plus I just love my blue!).

I started with an OSCS kit.
Vill Build 1
Vill Build 2

The Helmet is an EVO3 EP3 bucket and I make the Pauldrons myself.
Vill Build 3

Like with all my buckets, I keep everything self-contained. A single 9v battery hidden in a “visual dictionary” style box powers the RadioShack® Mini Audio Amplifier (p/n: 277-1008). A Radio Shack Hands-Free Tie-Clip Omnidirectional Electret Mic (p/n: 33-3013) is embedded near the “snout”. Two Radio Shack 8-Ohm Mini Speakers (p/n: 273-092) are embedded behind the mic tips to project the sound from the front of the bucket. A Venom 7.2v 1200mAh 6-Cell NiMH Battery (p/n: VEN-1511) (hidden on the top of the bucket) powers the Delta AFB0505HB 50x50x15mm 14.13CFM fan which pulls air in from the front frown.

Bucket 1 Bucket 2 Bucket 3Bucket 5 Bucket 6

I made my shoes myself. I used tennis shoes I found at Sears (I forgot the name) and I made them so you can slip them on. No need for zippers or Velcro. They work great and really look accurate…and comfy too!

Boots 1


More updates once I finish the rest of the kit!!